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A study conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has revealed that there are approximately 3,590 people engaged in the plumbing, pipe-fitting and steam-fitting industry in Las Vegas (LV) today. Vegas is a city in the state of Nevada. It is the 28th most populous state of the United States of America with a population of 2,699,000 people. The city of Las Vegas acts as the financial, commercial and cultural centre of Nevada. Vegas’ economy is centred around tourism, entertainment, gaming and conventions. With a rapidly increasing population, the water consumption is also multiplying at a high rate. A lot of efforts for water conservation are being undertaken, It is in this context that this article will focus on the career prospects of a plumber, the scope of the plumbing industry and provide a guide on how to become a plumber in Las Vegas. Learn more about plumbing repair.

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As mentioned above, there are 3,590 plumbers in Las Vegas. 3.52 out of every 1000 persons are involved in the plumbing sector. The average annual salary of a plumber in Las Vegas is $61,160. The hourly salary enjoyed by a plumber is $29.40. The range of salary typically starts from $51,318 and can go up to $67,505. Plumbers therefore enjoy good wages in Nevada with Vegas being the second-best paying city for plumbers in the state.


One of the primary concerns of plumbers in the state of Nevada must have the basic insurance policies. The insurance policies in Nevada are regulated by the Nevada State Contractors Board. A licensed contractor must establish financial responsibility, maintain bonds and carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. The Workers’ Compensation Insurance offers protection against medical costs of workers who faced injuries while at work. One of the main conditions of licensure is to provide proof of compliance with Industrial Insurance Coverage (Workers’ Compensation).

At the time of license approval, the Board also specifies the amount of money that must be paid for the bond. It could cost anything from $1,000 to $500,00 depending on the type of license, character of the plumber and future nature of work.

Plumbers could also consider getting General Liability Insurance to protect their business and assets from any sort of lawsuits.

Plumbing companies that own vehicles for carrying out services could also look into Commercial Auto Insurance.

The cost of these insurances may vary depending on the area.

Plumber In Las Vegas


  • Must be 18 years of age or above
  • Must have a high School or GED Certificate
  • College Degree or Vocational Courses (training program)
  • Must have work experience as an apprentice plumber
  • Must pass the Licensing Tests

Provided below is a detailed guide on how to become a plumber in Las Vegas.


The first step in establishing a plumbing career is to complete an apprenticeship program. In order to become an apprentice in Las Vegas (State of Nevada), it is essential to apply for an apprenticeship program that is directly supervised by a journeyman or master plumber licensed by the state of Nevada. An apprenticeship in Nevada usually lasts for 4 years and involves 8000 hours of classroom and on-the-job training. Filling up an apprentice application has the following requirements:

  • Valid Nevada driver’s license;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Social Security Card;
  • Diploma/GED;
  • Proof of prior experience if applicable;

Proof of experience within an accredited training program.

There is no fee to fill up an application form. These apprenticeship programs lay the basis for a successful career as a journeyman or master plumber.

Plumber In Las Vegas


The Nevada State Contractors’ Board requires every contractor in the state to be licensed. There are two kinds of plumbing licenses:

  • Journeyman plumber
  • Master plumber

How to become a journeyman plumber in Las Vegas-

In order to become a licensed journeyman plumber in Nevada, a plumber must have 4 years of experience in a state-registered and accredited apprentice program which is equivalent to 8000 hours.

Candidates must provide:

  • Affidavit of experience
  • Photo ID
  • Associate fees – an application fee of $300 and a fee of $600 every other year to maintain the license.

Once the application gets approved by the Nevada Board of Plumbing Examiners (NBOPE), the applicant is informed about the details of the exam. To acquire a plumbing license in Nevada, it is mandatory to pass the journeyman trade exam. The cost of taking the exam is $95. There is a guide available that can help students to prepare for the journeyman exam. The tests consist of an open-book portion where students are required to answer 50 multiple choice question in a duration of 2 hours. There is also a closed-book portion where students are given a time span of 1 hour and 45 minutes to answer 100 multiple choice questions. The percentage required to pass the exam is 75%.


How to become a master plumber in Las Vegas-

In order to become a master plumber in Vegas, it is mandatory to have a journeyman license issued by the NBOPE an completed one year or 2000 hours of experience as a licensed and certified journeyman plumber of Nevada.

Candidates must provide:

  • Affidavit of experience
  • Photo ID
  • Associate fees – an application fee of $300 and a fee of $600 every other year to maintain the license.

Those who wish to become plumbing contractors must have 4 years of experience as a journeyman plumber. It is mandatory to pass a Contractor Management Survey (CMS) Exam. This is an open book test that consists of 120 questions. The test-takers are given a time duration of 5 hours to complete the exam and must acquire a score of 84 to pass the exam.


There are a number of trade schools in Las Vegas that offer training programs in plumbing. These are vocational courses that expand the knowledge base of the plumbers and adds considerable amount of weight to a prospective plumber’s resume. This section of the article provides a list of colleges offering plumbing courses.

a classroom

  • NTI Plumbing School, Las Vegas – offers a 12-week long diversifies program that helps students to become plumbing technicians and establish a successful career in this field. This is an entry-level course and the coursework includes the fundamentals of plumbing, mathematics, blueprint reading, water systems as well as advanced plumbing.
  • Quality Technical Training Centre, Las Vegas – offers a range of short-term courses for students interested in plumbing and HVAC courses.
  • Pipes Trade Training Centre, Las Vegas – offer opportunities for classes and a variety of training programs for members of the United Association. In addition to these formal training program, they also offer a 5-year apprentice program.
  • Northwest Career College, Las Vegas – offers a 4-year apprenticeship training program where students are trained to work with plumbing systems in both commercial and residential settings. The coursework includes the basics of plumbing, electrical basics, hydronics, safety codes etc. this course prepares the students to go from the basics of plumbing to taking a journeyman test.
  • Advanced Training Institute, Las Vegas – offers an HVAC training program where students learn the basic aspects of plumbing. This helps in performing tasks related to installation, maintenance, inspection and repair of the systems.
  • Las Vegas is situated in Southern Nevada which falls under the category of a “dry area”. The consumption level of water has increased with a rapid increase in population. Water is therefore a precious and scarce resource in this area and a lot of efforts are underway to conserve water and resort to environmentally sustainable ways of using this resource. The plumbing industry in Nevada is continuously coming up with new plans and constantly creating new visions to improve the environment and health of the Las Vegas homes. The construction industry has been slightly affected under the impact of Covid-19 as customers are now hesitant to allow plumbers entry into their homes. But plumbing continues to be an “essential service”. This means that even amidst the pandemic, plumbers will have to offer services because emergencies at home can occur at any time. There is also some pressure on plumbing technicians to devise systems that are in line with environmental standards. In this situation it might be said that Las Vegas needs a lot of new ideas and young minds in the plumbing industry.


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