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As per the records of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only as few as 260 plumbers in Victoria. Victoria is a small city situated in Texas. As of 2020, this calm and quiet place to live in, has a population of 66,347. Victoria is the largest city in the Victoria County and has been titled “The Crossroads” for its prime location. The city has a mixed economy. Households in Victoria have a median annual income of $52,350 which is lesser than the average income across the whole of the Unites States. Several reviews have stated that Victoria offers a good environment that reaps many opportunities for children and young adults. This article will explore the career prospects of a plumber and provide a guide on how to become a plumber in Victoria.

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As mentioned above there are 260 people engaged in the plumbing sector in Victoria. 6.63 out of every 1000 persons are employed as plumbers, pipe-fitters and steam-fitters. The average annual salary of a plumber in Victoria is $41,910. Plumbers usually earn $20.15 per hours on an average basis. Apprentice plumbers earn around $11.43 per hour. After gaining around 10 years of experience, plumbers can go up to earning $31.82 per hour in this city.


Working as a plumber can expose an individual to risky and dangerous situations. Plumbers could therefore consider getting insurance to protect themselves, their finances and their assets from any kind of loss or damage. Master plumbers in all cities of Texas are required to carry a General Liability Insurance policy worth at least $300,000 for a one-year period. This provides protection against bodily and property damage. Plumbing contractors who have hired employees, must also get Workers’ Compensation Insurance to cover the medical expenses of their employees. For plumbing contractors who use vehicles for business purposes, getting a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy could be useful.

There are a number of insurance companies that plumbers working in Victoria could consider getting coverage from.



  • Must be 18 years of age or above
  • Must have a high School or GED Certificate
  • College Degree or Vocational Courses (Optional)
  • Must have work experience as an apprentice plumber
  • Must pass the Licensing Tests

Provided below is a detailed guide on how to become a plumber in Victoria. Besides, you need to learn drain cleaning to sewer services related to plumbing repairs.


Joining an apprenticeship program is the first and one of the most important components in the process of becoming a professional plumber. These apprenticeship programs involve classroom instructions as well as hands-on training. Plumbers can find these apprenticeships through unions or plumbing companies.

In this course, apprentice plumbers work under the direct supervision of a licensed master plumber.

After the completion of this apprenticeship program, the next step would be to take the license test.

Plumber In Victoria


All residential, commercial and industrial plumbers need to have license by the State of Texas to practice the plumbing trade.

There are two kinds of plumbing licenses in Victoria:

  • Journeyman plumber license
  • Master plumber license

How to become a journeyman plumber:

A journeyman plumber must have 8000 hours of experience as an apprentice under a licensed master plumber, a current Plumber’s Apprentice Registration, a current Tradesman Plumber-Limited license, or a valid journeyman or master plumber license from another state. An applicant must also be a citizen of the USA and have a clear criminal record. There is a plumbing exam that the applicant needs to pass in order to acquire a license.

How to become a master plumber:

A master plumber in Victoria must have 8000 hours of certified job experience as a journeyman plumber or a master plumber license of another state. In order to acquire a master plumber license, it is mandatory to pass another licensing exam conducted by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners.

A Texas plumbing license is only applicable within the state. This license must also be renewed every 3 years and the cost of renewal is $111.

Plumber In Victoria


Plumbing courses are offered by colleges to enrich students with further knowledge on plumbing. These plumbing programs last for about 3-12 months and the tuition fee usually ranges from $3,000 to $15,000. These vocational courses are not mandatory for becoming a plumber but they contribute substantially to a prospective plumber’s resume and make it easier to gain employment. The city of Victoria unfortunately does not offer too many plumbing programs. The following college is one option that interested students could look into.

  • Victoria College, Victoria – offer a number of plumbing courses for different levels. The level 1 course covers various introductory and fundamental aspects of plumbing. Students also learn about various tools and their usage. Soldering, compression fitting and blueprint reading are also a part of the coursework. The tuition cost is $600. Financial aid and scholarships are also available.

There are also a number of renowned trade colleges in Texas that offer plumbing courses:

  • Texas State Technical College
  • St. Philip’s College
  • Brazosport College
  • Lee College
  • South Texas College
  • Paris Junior College
  • Everest Institute-Bissonnet

Prospective plumbers could also look into available apprentice training programs in Victoria. The most accredited training program is offered by the Mid-coast Construction Academy. After the completion of these apprenticeship/training programs, students receive a certificate of completion from the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. Students could also search for such programs online.

Victoria Does Not Offer Too Many Options For Plumbing Education

Even though the city of Victoria does not offer too many options for plumbing education, the scope for this profession continues to grow. The entire world is going through a shortage of skilled labour, and the scenario in Victoria is not very different. At this moment, plumbing has emerged as an extremely reliable and stable profession with a good income potential. The construction industry is on the road of recovery. Once the pandemic subsides, plumbers and electricians will be in demand to build new structures and update existing ones. The construction industry is constantly evolving. Clients are also on the look out for more advanced and environmentally sustainable tools. This will require plumbers to dive in to work and deliver to the best of their potential. Victoria is also taking the pandemic in complete seriousness and plumbers are strictly following the safety protocols.

The Wheeler family in Victoria has been running its own plumbing business for 135 years. The covid-10 pandemic has brought in a lot of uncertainty in employment but the Wheelers have stated that their business has not experienced any drop due to the pandemic.

The plumbing profession in Victoria has faced disinterest from the younger generation. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average plumber in this city is 58 years old.

A lot of scope exists for the plumbing industry in Victoria but the opportunities are yet to be realized fully.

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